Athlete Performance Platform

We are excited to launch our Athlete Performance Platform. This program This access allows players to go in-depth on their training process. Players can ask questions, show us video to breakdown, get online lessons, and much more! This is something our program has done in the past with out of state athletes and now we are bringing it to you! This is a platform we are going to maintain ALL YEAR ROUND to give players that extra step.

For the Community: We will be donating part of the proceeds to local leagues.

The Athlete Page: Is a private group page where we will hold all the tools you need. This will be a very interactive page where athletes can post questions on, highlight videos, watch instructional videos and much more! In addition we will do "The Athlete of the Month" where we will shoutout the most outstanding athlete from the group each month.

Discussion Boards: Players get time to ask coaches questions and talk about what they can and need to do to get better both on and off the field. This is not just a "lecture"; these will be very interactive. In addition, we will bring guest speakers on to talk to you guys (MLB scouts, MLB Players, MLB coaches, college coaches, college athletes, high school coaches, high school athletes)

The Athlete Sign Up Levels: There will be three tiers and this is what they will entail:

1. The Basics: Players will get access to our Athlete Page and one discussion board session a week
Price: $20 per month

2. The Details: Players will get access to our Athlete Page one discussion board session a week, and a personalized workout for whatever part of the game you want/need.
Price: $25 per month

3. The Complete Athlete: Players will get access to our Athlete Page, one discussion board session a week, and a personalized workout for whatever part of the game you want/need, and get one free online lesson per month.
Price: $30 per month

Sign Up instructions:

1. Email Darius McClelland at darius(at)

2. Families pay via PayPal family and friends dariusmcclellandccb(at) When you pay you must put a note on PayPal saying what "tier" you're signing up for (The Basics, The Details, The Complete Athlete). You will get a confirmation and the confirmation email will give you a link to The Athlete Facebook page (this page is private and can only be viewed by members).

What you need: Access to Zoom for online discussion boards and Facebook to view The Athlete Page.

Things to know: Online training has been a powerful tool for athletes in high school, college and pro ball. Shelter in Place has now just amplified people's use of it. At the highest level of the game, players spend hours in front of a computer STUDYING the game and themselves.

We we look forward to always giving you new and exciting tools to learn! We are committed to your development!