CCB Complete Catcher Academy

(Maximum of 10 Players Each Session)

CCB is pleased to announce the inaugural COMPLETE CATCHER ACADEMY. The academy will be directed by John Riley of the San Francisco Giants organization and open to any and all players ages (10-18 years old). The Complete Catcher Academy is designed to provide extensive training in both the physical and mental aspects of catching. Participants will receive instruction and taught fundamentals in the following areas of each session:

    - Throwing and Accuracy
    - Blocking
    - Receiving
    - Leadership Development
    - Mechanical Analysis
    - Body Control
    - Arm Care and Injury Prevention


Location 1: Shoreline Athletic Fields (November 1st - January 24th)
Address: 2450 Garcia Avenue, Mountain View, CA
Cost: $75 - Per Session
Time: 4:00PM to 5:00PM
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Bring: Full Set of Catching Gear, Proper Athletic Attire, Athletic Shoes & Cleats

Location 2: Saratoga High School (November 5thd- January 28th)
Address: 20300 Herriman Avenue, Saratoga, CA
Cost: $75 - Per Session
Time: 11:00AM to 12:30PM
Days: Sundays
Bring: Full Set of Catching Gear, Proper Athletic Attire, Athletic Shoes & Cleats



To sign up fill out the form below and submit payment by clicking here or bring payment to the session. Any further questions please feel free to contact Head Director Erick Raich at erick(at)

CCB Complete Catcher Academy Sign Up

 Shoreline Athletic Fields
 Saratoga High School