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2025 Grads News

As we get ready to head out to Arizona this week here is updated information and itinerary.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Players need to start getting in the habit of hydrating as there will be consistent double digit temperatures during our week in Arizona.

  • REMINDER: we will be participating in both the USA Baseball Tournament and Five Tool Senior Fall Classic tournament coincidentally. We are doing this to accommodate playing time for the amount of players available to make it. If anyone needs to travel without a parent/guardian let us know ASAP so we can get you set up with a chaperone.
  • ROSTER SUBMISSION: Participating players/families should have received an email from USA Baseball and Five Tool to submit information and submit required information for participation. If you have not completed please do so immediately as they will not let anyone participate without it completed.
  • PRACTICE: We will practice on June 11th at 4:00pm @ Gene Autry Complex (Mesa). 
  • TOURNAMENT ASSIGNMENTS: Some players will play exclusively in the USA Baseball Tournament, some will play in both the USA Baseball and Five Tool Tournaments, some will play exclusively in the Five Tool Tournament. We will get roster/game assignments out for each day ASAP.
  • PLAYING TIME: Goal is to make sure players who come out get the most amount of playing time but understand there is no set guarantee on playing time.
  • UNIFORM PACKAGE: If you have not received your uniform package or need some of the items please let us know so we can bring loners out to Arizona for you.
  • LOCAL PLAYERS: We will have you combine with the 2026 group for their practices and games June 14-16.



Here is a Google Doc showing what we have for player availability for the month of June and some other travel events. If anything is not listed correctly please notify us ASAP.

2025 Grads Availability


June 11: Team Practice (Gene Autry Field)

June 12-17: USA Baseball Championships (Phoenix, AZ)

June 20-23: Five Tool Bay Area Championships (Bay Area, CA)

June 26-29: Five Tool West Coast Select Series (Orange County, CA)

July 6: Team Practice (Arizona State)

July 7-11: Perfect Game World Series (Phoenix, AZ)

July 12-14: CCB World Series (University of San Francisco)

July 18-21: CCB North vs South Championship (Bay Area, CA)

July 25: Pre-Eric Tryon Practice (University of San Diego)

July 26-Aug 2: Eric Tryon Invitational (San Diego, CA)


June 14-16: CCB Series (Bay Area, CA)

June 20-23: Five Tool Bay Area Championships (Bay Area, CA)

June 26-30: Perfect Game Pacific Coast Championship (San Jose, CA)

July 5-7: Practices/Games (Bay Area, CA)

July 12-14: Monterey Waves Invitational (Monterey, CA)

July 18-21: Five Tool Bay Area Classic (Bay Area, CA)

July 26-Aug 2: Eric Tryon Invitational (San Diego, CA) (invite event)


Last year we hosted satellite practices at multiple locations on Wednesdays. We can do those again this summer for interested players and tentative locations would be Gavilan College, Cabrillo College and Baylands Field.

Cost for satellite Wednesday practices is $150. Email us if you are interested and would like more information.


For players looking to get additional swings in, Kevin and Sean will be continuing to run Extra Hacks through the summer. There will be an option to hit every day, Monday through Thursday.

Details on that program and dates can be found here – https://eh-baseball.com/in-season-program


If you missed the window for your uniform order please contact us immediately.


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