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CSC Youth Spring Training

Our mission: Here at CSC we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We look to build the athlete from the ground up and teach them the ins and outs of this game. Softball is a game of execution. It is about honing in the minute details and executing fundamentals. Spring Training is a chance for our players to perfect their craft starting from the beginning stages. Our philosophy differs greatly from others in this area. We don’t believe in the single evaluation of an athlete to give a realistic view of true capability


Training Dates: Sunday February 5th – Sunday, February 26th

Ages: 12 – 14


Stretch/active warm-up: We will take our athletes through an in-depth active warm up routine. It is important athletes learn how to properly prepare their bodies to achieve maximum results.


Throwing: Playing effective and meaningful catch is the name of this game.  It is important to establish and refine the fundamentals at every level of competition.


Base running: We break down the proper form, technique, and strategy. Players will learn how to read the game from an offensive standpoint and learn how to gain bases without the help of a coach. Be prepared to be comfortable with aggression.


Fielding: We breakdown basic CSC principles of fielding and successful fundamentals. Players will learn the technique and responsibilities of every position in the infield. Outfielders will learn the techniques of tracking a softball as well as learn routes and how to read a ball without watching it. When it comes to answering the question, “where do you play”? The best answer you can give is YES! Expect to lean all defensive aspects.


Pitchers: Will install proper mechanics, knowledge, and confidence. We will STUDY the game.


Catchers: We will learn proper receiving and blocking techniques and join a study session with pitchers to learn how to call pitches.  The job of the catcher is to command her defense. Expect to act like CAPTAINS!


Hitters: We will learn how to be aggressive to fastballs in the zone and be able to hit the ball to all fields with power. Focusing on your job as a hitter will help ignite the offense regardless of where you may fall in a batting order. Remember 1-9 only matters the first time through a lineup.


Mind/Body Care. We preach physical and mental health. Physically, we take pride in teaching our athletes how to train their bodies to uphold the demands of a softball season. In addition, we teach our athletes about proper ways to speak and think that breeds success. Speak it into existence; speak in positives! In addition, Ortho NorCal Physical Therapy runs screening for our athletes to pinpoint any mobility inefficiencies.


Spring Training is a chance for us to properly prepare athletes for their upcoming seasons. It is important that players take the necessary steps and get proper in detailed practice to form good habits before games begin. Spring training is a time to perfect our craft as ball players and then come tournament season we display our hard work. This also serves as tryouts for all our teams

Age Specific Goals:

7th Grade: 14u

Establish leadership qualities. Learn intricacies of game time fundamentals. Understand how to grow from failure. Highschool preparation. Adjustment to 43’ mound. Access to body care and nutrition. Learn how to fuel the athlete.


8th Grade: 16 / 18u

Continue Maturity and refine leadership qualities. High level Highschool preparation. Move to advanced softball philosophy. Introduction to collegiate level competition.  High level showcase for life beyond Highschool. SCS warrior mentality.


2022 Breakdown:

January – February: Spring Training Practices

February – March: Sunday Scrimmages / Friendlies

March: Begin tournament play (more info to come)



Archbishop Mitty / Local Venue TBD:

7th Grade: 1:30pm-3:30pm

8th Grade 11am-1:30pm

Rainout Policy:

In case of heavy rain, we will email you no later than 3 hours before your time slot for any schedule change


Payment info will be sent once player application is filled out.


Full Softball gear/ cleats and running shoes. We will supply practice jersey.

(Due to shipping, initial jerseys may be delayed.)

Coaching Staff:

Our entire coaching staff comes from college and high-level experience. The resumes of our coaching staff cover all levels of Softball and Baseball: junior college, NAIA, D2, D1. We also staff certified trainers and nutritionists.



We have had the luxury of being well connected. Softball is a small world and if you work hard at it, it rewards you. We have been fortunate to give our athletes access to gyms, hitting facilities, physical therapists, corrective exercise trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychologists, Nutritionists, online training, Affiliate program alum to come speak to our athletes.



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