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Spring Training Program

CCB is excited to open up registration for our Spring Training Program starting in January, 2022. Our Spring Training Program is open to all players ages 10-14 and focuses on important details in all aspects of the game of baseball. Additionally it allows each player quality practices, games, repetitions and instruction without having to jump straight into tournament play.

As a program we believe in creating a strong foundation for each of our athletes so they can develop to their full potential. Our Spring Training Program will be lead by youth program director Darius McClelland who has helped numerous players get their foundation into becoming great high school, college and professional players.



Spring Training will begin Saturday January 8th and will conclude Sunday, January 31st. Program is open to players 10u-14u. Practices and games held at various bay area high schools and colleges. Each season our spring training plays host to many of the top players from the Northern California regions. Additionally as a program we are sponsored by Demarini, EvoShield, Louisville Slugger, New Balance, Wilson and participating players are eligible to receive discounted product.

For more information or to sign up please fill out the prospective player form below and you will be contacted with complete details.



Stretch/active warm-up: We will take our athletes through an in-depth active warm up routine. It is important athletes learn how to properly prepare their bodies to achieve maximum results

Throw: We install a throwing program specific to each position. For guys who are utility players we have a certain throwing program to follow. 

Base running: We break down the proper form, technique, and strategy. Players will learn how to read the game from an offensive standpoint and learn how to gain bases without the help of a coach.

Fielding: We breakdown basic CCB principles of fielding and hone in the fundamentals. Players will learn the technique and responsibilities of every position in the infield. Outfielders will learn the techniques of tracking a baseball as well as learn routes and how to read a ball without watching it. Expect to be a utility player! 

Pitchers: Will install proper mechanics, knowledge, and confidence. We will STUDY the game. Pitchers will be given a throwing and arm program that will be completed regularly through all seasons played for CCB. With new technology being available for mechanical breakdowns, we will be introducing this to our athletes!

Catchers: We will learn proper receiving and blocking techniques and join a study session with pitchers to learn how to call pitches. Lastly, catchers will be trained to be CAPTAINS! It is your job to command what occurs on the field.

Hitters: We will learn how to be aggressive to fastballs in the zone and be able to hit the ball to all fields with power. If you can take away and divide the plate into pieces, you can form a plan for success!

Mind/Body Care: Between our entire coaching staff we have bachelor degrees in many areas however we do have three B.S. in Kinesology and one in Sports Psychology. We preach physical and mental health. Physically, we take pride in teaching our athletes how to train their bodies to uphold the demands of a baseball season. In addition, we teach our athletes about proper ways to speak and think that breeds success. Speak it into existence; speak in positives! 



Spring Training is a chance for us to properly prepare athletes for their upcoming seasons. It is important that players take the necessary steps and get proper in detailed practice to form good habits before games begin. Spring training is a time to perfect our craft as ball players and then come tournament season we display our hard work. This also serves as tryouts for all of our CCB Elite teams


Age Specific Goals:

10u: enhance fundamentals and improve basic knowledge of the game.

11u: Introduce more advanced CCB principles and hone in fundamentals

12u: Improve fundamentals, perfect CCB concepts already taught, prepare for 13u field change, begin preparation for 2021Summer trip

13u: Prepare for High School. Improve fundamentals, hone in our philosophies, learn the full size field, adjust pitchers for major league distance. 

14u/8th graders: help ball players continue to mature, begin preparation for 14u Perfect Game World Series, USA Championships,WWBA’s, College Team Camps, and most importantly put you ahead of the game for high school. 


2022 Breakdown:

January: Spring Training Practices

February: Sunday Scrimmages 

March: Begin tournament play (more info to come)



Full Baseball gear/ cleats and running shoes. We will supply practice jersey and hat.


Coaching Staff:

Our entire coaching staff comes from college or professional experience. The resume’s of our coaching staff cover all levels of baseball: junior college, NAIA, D3, D2, D1, MiLB, and MLB. 



We have had the luxury of being well connected. Baseball is a small world and if you work hard at it, it rewards you. We have been fortunate to give our athletes access to: gyms, hitting facilities, physical therapists, corrective exercise trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychologists, online training, CCB alum to come speak to our athletes.  


Take Home Workouts:

CCB members receive throwing programs and arm strengthening/maintenance programs that help improve the overall efficiency of the arm. These workouts are to be done on your own at home every Tuesday and Thursday and take you through the entire year. 


COVID Protocol:

Everyone is adjusting to balancing athletics and physical health. We’ve been able to provide our athletes with the game they love in a safe environment. We will follow all county and state guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our players.


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