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High School Winter Prep League

Here is what we have for this upcoming weekend’s CCB Winter League Games. If you emailed us a conflict for this weekend we noted that on the team assignments. Since this is our last weekend we did some scheduling to create a little bit of competitiveness to finish out. Saturday we have the battle of the private schools in the 2027 class with the Mitty, Bellarmine, Head Royce and Miramonte players squaring off against the Serra and Saint Francis players.
VERY VERY IMPORTANT: If you are listed and unavailable for your scheduled game(s) we need to know today so we can adjust accordingly. Any players that are interested in playing both Saturday and Sunday email us back and we can see if there are any openings to accommodate
UNIFORMS: White pants, navy socks, navy belt and bring both your navy and grey tops. If you don’t have these we will bring loners to the games for players to borrow.

Saturday, January 27

  • Los Gatos 24/25/26 vs South Bay 24/25/26 @ Monta Vista HS (12:45pm arrival)
  • South Bay 2027 vs Peninsula 2027 @ Monta Vista HS (2:30pm arrival)

Sunday, January 28

  • South Bay 2024/25 vs Peninsula 2024/25 @ Canada College (9:00am arrival)
  • Coast 2026/27 vs Peninsula 2026/27 @ Canada College (11:45am arrival)
  • Coast/South Bay 2028 vs South Bay Peninsula 2028 @ Monta Vista HS (10:00am arrival)

Attire and Equipment:

  • Players please bring your navy and grey tops to games. If you are a new player and have not received your uniform top or hat yet we will have loner tops for you to use this weekend.
  • Please make sure to bring all necessary baseball equipment.
  • make sure to bring all necessary baseball equipment. The Winter Prep League is a “wood bat” league. We have 32″ DEMARINI Composite wood bats that players can purchase for $100 which is 50% off retail price. If anyone would like to purchase email us model and size.
  • Please make sure to bring both baseball cleats along with turf/tennis shoes. Some locations are turf fields and don’t allow metal spikes. Additionally all of the locations don’t allow for cleats in their batting cages.
Los Gatos 2024/25/26 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Justin Mazzaferro C R/R Los Gatos 2025
Max Thomas 1B/OF/P R/R Los Gatos 2026
Jaxton Chao INF/P R/R Santa Clara 2025
Jayden Thomas INF R/R Los Gatos 2025
Gavin Jordan INF R/R Los Gatos 2026
Beau Musser INF L/R Los Gatos 2026
Eva Nguyen-Fell OF R/R Leland 2024
Chase Oberthier OF/P R/R Los Gatos 2026
Trenton Welsh OF R/R Los Gatos 2026
Shane Timmons RHP R/R Los Gatos 2024
Christian Riese RHP R/R Los Gatos 2025
Nico Olcott RHP R/R Los Gatos 2026
Hudson Schrader C R/R Los Gatos 2026
Lucas Carlisle INF R/R Los Gatos 2025
Jacob Madonna INF/P R/R Leigh 2026
South Bay 2027 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Ethan Chase C/P R/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Chase Graff C L/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Bennett Simon C R/R Saint Francis 2027
Peyton Chase INF/P R/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Kelen Johnson INF/P R/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Joey Revels INF/P R/R Saint Francis 2027
Graham Sanger INF R/R Head Royce 2027
Miles Day 3B R/R Ida Price 2028
Justin Donahue OF R/R Bellarmine 2027
Noah Fishman UTL/P R/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Zachary Roeder UTL R/R Sacred Heart 2028
South Bay 2024/25 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Jack Abel (Sun Only) C R/R Scotts Valley 2024
Vinhson Nguyen C R/R Mission San Jose 2024
Derek Allen 1B/P R/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Jacob Gilbreath INF R/R Santa Teresa 2024
Carter Johnstone INF L/R Los Gatos 2024
Nico Rodriguez INF/P L/R Archbishop Mitty 2024
Kaleb Wing INF R/R Scotts Valley 2025
John Clinkenbeard 3B/P R/R San Lorenzo Valley 2024
Nate Tichy OF/P R/R Pioneer 2024
Anthony Andrews UTL/P R/R Los Gatos 2024
Orlando Morales UTL/P R/R Del Mar 2024
Edward Peters DH R/R Aptos 2024
Sly Cash P L/L Los Altos 2025
Jason Yager P R/R Aptos 2025
Wade Marquez OF R/R Leigh 2024
Luka Pintar 1B/P L/L Archbishop Mitty 2024
Coast 2026/27 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Nicholas Bjorn C R/R Aptos 2027
Rowen Gonsiewski C R/R Soquel 2027
Samuel Petke C R/R Los Gatos 2027
Jonah Ferrell (Sun Only) 1B/P R/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Josh Carlisle INF R/R Los Gatos 2027
Braxton Garcia (Sun Only) INF/P L/R Archbishop Mitty 2026
Luke Santee INF/P R/R Soquel 2027
Issac Martin (Sun Only) 3B R/R Scotts Valley 2026
Elijah Kroenung (Sun Only) 3B R/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Scotty Miller 3B/P R/R Soquel 2027
Tyler Gonzalez OF/P S/R Soquel 2026
Jackson Haddad OF R/R Monte Vista Christian 2026
Brody Lacy (Sun Only) OF/P L/R Archbishop Mitty 2027
Sullivan Roberts OF/P R/R Los Gatos 2027
Luke Shoemaker LHP R/R Aptos 2027
Chase Frolich DH R/R Los Gatos 2027
Coast/South Bay 2028 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Mason Cannon C R/R McAuliffe 2028
Drew Oppenheimer C/3B/P R/R Fisher 2028
Peter Amstroff 1B/P R/R Pacific Collegiate 2028
Jordan Conrad INF/P L/R Fisher 2028
Nathan Dodrill INF/P L/R Baymonte Christian 2028
Ewan Turvy INF/P S/R San Lorenzo Valley 2028
Graham Pisani INF R/R Dartmouth 2028
Lucas Bottoms OF R/R Fisher 2028
Christian Machado OF R/R Fisher 2028
Miles Day 3B/P R/R Ida Price 2028
South Bay 2024/25/26 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Ryan Field C R/R Branham 2025
Nathan Garcia C R/R Junipero Serra 2025
Blake Ayoob (Sat Only) 1B/P L/L Junipero Serra 2026
Drew McClelland INF R/R Bellarmine 2026
Jake Paskert INF/P R/R Piedmont Hills 2026
Zack Wooster INF R/R Bishop O’Dowd 2026
Joshua Gomez 3B/P R/R Piedmont Hills 2026
Vincent Kim 3B R/R Bellarmine 2026
Jack Danna OF R/R Bellarmine 2026
Noah Greenspan (Sat Only) OF/P R/R Junipero Serra 2025
Toby Torres OF/P L/L Piedmont Hills 2026
Travis Linane UTL/P R/R Piedmont Hills 2026
Tanner Wall UTL L/R Saint Francis 2026
Nathan Chew C R/R Bellarmine 2026
Peninsula 2027 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Julio Calderon C/P R/R Junipero Serra 2027
Jacob Giessner 1B/P R/R Junipero Serra 2027
Nolan Hahm 1B/P R/R Junipero Serra 2027
Donovan Friedland INF/P L/R Junipero Serra 2027
Cooper Hipps INF R/R Junipero Serra 2027
Milo Morelli INF/C S/R Junipero Serra 2027
Joseph Durrett 3B/P L/R Junipero Serra 2027
Teddy Hunsaker OF/P R/R Junipero Serra 2027
Parker John Smith OF/P R/R Junipero Serra 2027
Caiden Zucker RHP R/R Junipero Serra 2027
Brody Crudeli INF R/R Junipero Serra 2027
Jacob Salapare 3B R/R Saint Francis 2027
Peninsula 2024/25 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Ian Armstrong C R/R Junipero Serra 2024
Jack Armstrong C/1B R/R Junipero Serra 2025
Ethan Johnson C R/R Kings Academy 2025
Toby Trotter 1B/P L/L Kings Academy 2025
Evan Bradshaw INF R/R Junipero Serra 2025
Chris Ganim INF R/R Junipero Serra 2025
Ian Josephson INF/P L/R Junipero Serra 2025
Brent Valentine 3B/P R/R Saint Francis 2024
Clay Hinsdale OF/P R/L Junipero Serra 2025
Aidan Vazquez UTL/P L/R Half Moon Bay 2024
Luke Dowd P R/R Junipero Serra 2025
Eric Gee INF/P R/R Burlingame 2024
Colton Parenti 3B/P R/R Riordan 2025
Mack Mrowka OF L/R Saint Francis 2024
Ritchie Calderon OF/P R/R Junipero Serra 2025
Sam Kretsch RHP R/R Junipero Serra 2024
Peninsula 2026/27 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Jacob Vines C R/R Aptos 2027
Isaac Nayfack 1B/P L/L Sequoia 2027
Hunter Tamayo 1B/P L/L El Camino 2027
Max Matthews INF/P R/R Sacred Heart Cathedral 2026
George Gilbert INF/P R/R Miramonte 2027
Zach Stallworth 3B/P R/R Sacred Heart Cathedral 2026
Hayato Takamatsu 3B/P R/R Washington 2027
Isaiah Walker OF L/L Palo Alto 2025
Warren Lo OF/P R/R Gunn 2026
Antonio Sekelj OF R/R Junipero Serra 2026
Eli Weinberger (Sun Only) OF R/R Carlmont 2027
Timothy Harrick (Sun Only) UTL/P L/R Menlo 2027
Kaden Pedersoil RHP R/R California 2025
Aidan Montecino 1B/P L/L Junipero Serra 2026
South Bay/Peninsula 2028 Position B/T School Grad Yr
Matthew Casper C/1B R/R Holy Cross 2028
Sullivan Fischbein C/INF/P R/R Sacred Heart 2028
Mabu Reyes INF/P R/R Synergy 2028
Zachary Roeder INF R/R Sacred Heart 2028
Liam Widner 3B R/R Central 2028
Rory Sands INF R/R Greene 2028
Wyatt Johnson 3B/P L/R Almaden County 2028
Fletcher Cahill OF/P L/L Menlo 2028
Colton Sweatt OF R/R Campbell Christian 2028

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